Christian Faith

As Christians we believe in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we seek to follow the teachings of Jesus in our lives.

The Father is the creator and sustainer of the world; He loves us and wants us to be in relationship with Him.

The Son, Jesus, helps us to understand God and to make sense of our lives and relationships. Through His death and resurrection we receive forgiveness of our sins and entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Holy Spirit comes to equip and encourage Christians in their relationship with God and in their lives in the world. He brings gifts and spiritual insights so that others may encounter God’s love in Jesus.

Through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Christians are called to worship God together, to love everyone and to be agents of transformation.

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As churches we work closely together and worship as a Benefice several times a year.

Our Benefice Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

whose Son prayed in His last hours

that His followers might be one;

we thank You for our benefice

and ask You to increase our unity.


As Mary overcame stigma

and rejection to bear the Holy Child,

so may we be steadfast

in standing against the pressures of our age;


as Mary Magdalene faithfully served her Lord

in life and death

and first proclaimed His resurrection,

may we faithfully proclaim

Your risen Son in our communities;


and as Nicholas laboured tirelessly

to support the poor,

so may we strive to include

the overlooked and excluded;

to the glory of Jesus’ name

and for the extension of Your kingdom here.




Vision Statement:

Our vision is to:

Serve God and grow His Kingdom through loving care and faithful prayer for all our communities.

Mission Statement:

God’s obedient servants seek to grow His Kingdom by:

  • Praying consistently for all in our communities;
  • Providing relevant opportunities for all to gather for worship, social interaction, and growth in faith;
  • Striving to provide spiritual, practical, and emotional support for all in need within our communities;
  • Speaking boldly against injustice and encouraging those in Authority to lead with integrity;
  • Praying for and supporting Christian brothers and sisters across God’s world’
  • Encouraging the God-given gifts and abilities of all believers within the Church so that they may be comfortable to serve the Lord in obedience to their calling.