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Leaving a Legacy

Making a Will is one of the most important things to consider in life. A Will is much more than a document, it’s the best way there is to make sure everything you care about is provided for. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to help support the work of the church in the community.
Gifts in Wills can make an important contribution to our churches. Your local churches are funded by fundraising events and monthly giving from parishioners. Your legacy can make a lasting difference to a church.
If you would like more information about leaving a legacy please contact Revd. Jackie Buck for more information or ask your Will Provider.

  Churchyard Regulations – Summary
• When considering a memorial for your loved one please note there are certain Regulations that need to be followed. The regulations governing memorials in churchyards are different to those governing memorials in council burial grounds.

• All memorials need to be approved by the Rector. Forms will be supplied by your stonemason.
• Cremated remains plaques may only have the deceased name and dates of birth and death. Additional wording is at the discretion of the Chancellor of the Diocese and in some cases, where faculty allows, by the Rector.
• The following properties of all memorials are all subject to legal restrictions:
o The size
o The general shape
o The material it is made from
o The inscription
o Any carved design
o Flower holder

• Wooden crosses are a temporary measure used until a permanent memorial can be erected. They should then be removed.

• Flowers and wreaths must be removed as soon as they are withered.

• Artificial flowers are not permitted, with the exception of Remembrance poppies and Christmas wreaths. These must be removed after a maximum of 2 months.

• No tree, bush or rose bush may be planted without the express permission of the Chancellor of the Diocese.
For further details please see the following website:
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